Cancellations, Refunds, Returns & Refused Orders

All policies take effect from the time we receive your order.

Refund Policy
All refund policies take effect from the moment that your order is received by us. All refunds are paid via PayPal only (being the source of the original payment for the goods). Due to money laundering legislation, refunds can only be made via the source of the payment (

Orders Lost in Transit Policy
Very occasionally orders are delayed for reasons which are totally beyond our control, for example – worker strikes, pandemics, and customs delays. Due to this, we can only offer a refund or a free replacement after 6 weeks (from the time we received your order) has expired.

Refused Order Policy
If you decide to refuse your order on delivery or prevent delivery of your order by way of non-payment of import duties or taxes, or by any other means, there will be no refund.

If you accept delivery of your order and return it to us, then our Returned Order Policy applies. Refunds can only be processed when we have the merchandise in our possession.

Returned Order Policy
If you decide to return your order you will first need to accept delivery and then return the goods to our office in New Zealand at your expense. Your order will not be returned to us if you refuse delivery. If you refuse delivery, our Refused Order Policy will apply.

Once we receive the unopened returned item in its original condition, we will pass a refund which will be subject to a handling fee of 80% of the full purchase price. Under no circumstances will any shipping fees, customs duties, or import taxes be refunded.

Please note that we cannot pass any refund if the parcel has been used or opened, or if we do not receive the parcel back from you.

Order Cancellation Policy
Every effort should be made to cancel your order before it has been shipped. Note that we ship all orders within 1 business day of receipt. Refunds can only be processed when we are in possession of the merchandise. A handling fee of 10% may apply.

If you decide to cancel your order after it has been shipped, this will be subject to a minimum handling fee of 80% of the full purchase price, and on condition that the item is returned to us unused, and in the original sealed wrapping. We cannot accept used, damaged or open packages. All shipping and handling fees will be at your own expense and will not be refunded.

By reading this you agree to the terms and conditions of this policy.

Incorrect Address Policy
If you provided an incorrect address with your order, and your order has been shipped with that incorrect address then you will need to contact the courier to redirect and pay for your parcel to be sent to the correct address. When you have provided us with an incomplete (but not incorrect) address, we will contact you to reconfirm or correct your address details before handing your order to our couriers. Orders lost after being shipped to an incorrect address provided by you with your order will not be refunded.

Money-Back Guarantee
If you wish to claim a refund in terms of our Money Back Guarantee then please click here. The above refund policies do not apply to the terms and conditions of our Money-Back Guarantee. By reading this you agree to the terms and conditions of this policy.

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