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Matula Tea is Clinically Tested & Scientifically Proven to be over 98% effective* against H. pylori infection.

Invest in your health now with Matula Tea

It’s Guaranteed, it’s Safe, and it’s Proven to be over 98% effective*

Matula Tea has been successfully used since 2006 by over 40,000 people suffering from H. pylori, stomach ulcers, and candida – it is now considered a premium and unique risk-free solution*.

Together with dedicated support from our Natural Health team, this is a complete not-to-be-missed health package for anyone who wants the freedom to enjoy their favorite foods and drinks again, without worrying about painful and embarrassing symptoms of stomach ulcers and h. pylori infection.

See the 14 ways matula tea will help you

Here’s how Matula Tea will help you to regain optimum digestive health!

  1. Matula Tea is 100% natural and is very gentle on your body
  2. Matula Tea is scientifically and clinically proven to be over 98% effective* in the treatment of H. pylori
  3. Matula Tea has already helped over 40,000 people since 2006, with an outstanding success rate of over 98%*
  4. Matula Tea has been tested and endorsed by world renowned Immunologist Professor Patrick JD Bouic Ph.D.
  5. Matula Tea – the clinical test results match our track record, and are proudly published on this site
  6. Matula Tea has proven anti bacterial, anti yeast and anti fungal properties
  7. Matula Tea is so easy to take – only 2 cups per day for 30 days
  8. Matula Tea is has a pleasant taste, and you will find it really easy to drink.
  9. Matula Tea is a once-off purchase, so there are NO recurring monthly costs
  10. Matula Tea is cost effective. Only one course of 60 sachets is required
  11. Matula Tea is now recognised and promoted by Health Professionals worldwide
  12. Matula Tea relieves the symptoms of ACID REFLUX and CANDIDA within 2 weeks*
  13. Our Natural Health team guarantees FREE support, until you are completely well again.
  14. Matula Tea offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee*

Our ‘OVER 98% SUCCESS RATE’ explained…
Since 2006 Matula Tea™ has proven to effectively clear H. pylori infections in 98.4% of people who have used it. This means that Matula Tea has been (and continues to be) 100% effective in 98.4% of people using just one 30-day course of treatment.

Matula Tea is everything you could possibly hope for… and if it doesn’t work, we don’t want it to cost you anything!

Just in case you missed this above, we want you to have total peace of mind when you purchase Matula Tea. You get 100% Money-Back if Matula Tea fails to remove your Helicobacter pylori infection with only one 30-day course of 60 sachets.

matula tea guarantee
Service is guaranteed with matula tea

We confidently guarantee Matula Tea because it’s proven to be over 98% effective*

When you order Matula Tea we want to give you a complete digestive health package.

Order now and your package will include all these FREE essential resources

Guaranteed Unlimited Support – FREE –

100% Money-Back Guarantee – FREE –

Video Library by H. pylori expert – FREE –

The Digestive Health Guide eBook – FREE –

The H. pylori eReport – FREE –

Candida Overgrowth eReport – FREE –

Acid Reflux eReport – FREE –

Total Value – $400.00 (at least)

Get all this today

— Only $169.50 —

Normal Price – WAS $237.95
(You Save over $68.00)

matula tea guarantee
Make a Risk Free decision now… and be free from H. pylori!

Shipping is by Courier ONLY
@ $28.50 (per box/pack)

We only offer reliable and secure delivery to your door by courier delivery. Get door-to-door Courier Delivery for ONLY $28.50 (per box/pack) As soon as your order has been shipped you will receive an email with a Tracking Number directly from our courier. This is the fastest and safest way to make sure you get your order.

COVID-19 update — We are still able to ship orders worldwide via DHL and FedEx courier services. Due to flight cancellations and delays in affected areas it may take 2 – 3 days longer than the normally expected 5 – 7 business day delivery time. For your safety, all packages are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to distribution.

Import Restrictions, Duties and VAT – Please read this before placing your order

  • Matula Tea shipped to USA is currently exempt from VAT/GST (General Sales Tax) and import duties. In addition, FDA Prior Notice is obtained by us prior to shipping.
  • UK and EU countries are also currently exempt from import duties due to a preferential trade agreement with South Africa.
  • Customers in all other countries may be liable for VAT/GST (General Sales Tax), and possibly import duties, in their own countries.
  • There are currently import restrictions on all types of tea (including Matula Tea), in some countries. Due to this, or other possible reasons, we are unfortunately unable to ship to any of these countries; PORTUGAL, BRUNEI, THAILAND, PANAMA, EL SALVADOR, SOUTH AFRICA, SPAIN, INDONESIA, MEXICO, SRI LANKA, GUATAMALA, MALAYSIA, SERBIA, ALBANIA, & INDIA.
  • Door to door delivery by Courier (DHL, Fedex, or Aramex) takes 5-7 business days – shipping charges are prepaid by us.
  • Duties and VAT apply in ISRAEL when value price exceeds $76.00USD

2 important notes about your delivery address….

  1. You can easily change your shipping address when you are returned to our site after making payment to PayPal.
  2. Our courier can only ship to physical street addresses – NOT postal (P.O.Box) addresses!
NO Refunds for orders shipped to a Wrong Address


Make sure those closest to you are also protected – and avoid cross-infection between partners or members of the same household.


 Single-1-Pack : $169.50USD
Normal Price $237.50 – Save $68.00 now!


 Twin-2-Pack : $339.00USD
Normal Price $475.00 – Save $136.00 now!


 Triple-3-Pack : $508.50USD
Normal Price $712.50 – Save $204.00 now!


 Quad-4-Pack : $678.00USD
Normal Price $950.00 – Save $272.00 now!


 Six-6-Pack : $1017.00USD
Normal Price $1425.00 – Save $408.00 now!

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